Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.24.59 AMPost by Allison Mahaley,

President Orange-Durham Americans United.

When I first decided to leave my job in public education and become an activist for the cause, I did a lot of research. I even wrote about it all on my blog, Ex-teacher on a Crusade. My search for answers landed me in Americans United and keeps me devoted to watch-dog work.

The plan to dismantle public schools, privatize them, and return control of them to churches or corporate institutions in America is no joke. The NC Public School Forum explained it years ago in a report called, Finding Common Ground.  The religious right made easy alliances with reformers as the nation publicly bashed schools for not closing the achievement gap. Now the religious right is getting teachers to help spread discord and religious intolerance in schools as explained in the Washington Post article published today.

So, our chapter, Orange Durham Americans United has joined forces with other groups who are wanting to stop the train wreck and support our schools. Public Schools First NC , North Carolina Association of Educators, Organize2020, The NC Justice Center, AimHigherNow, and many more are part of this coalition. This campaign is called Schools Our Students Deserve. It has one main focus: Keep NC public schools adequately funded at the state level. In order to achieve this goal, we will pressure local agencies to give teachers a voice in their profession so they, too, can speak up.

We are gaining momentum. When need more foot soldiers. Join us.

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